Rebekka Kühnis’ work is characterized by a number of topics of long standing, such as the search for a pictorial representation of multilayeredness, ambiguity, transparency and compression. In this, the exploration of linear representation options plays a key role.

Kühnis’ art calls into question the seemingly well-defined, static and obvious nature of visual reality, seeking alternatives through fragmentation and layering.
A further objective consists in concentrating and intensifying the pictorial effects, thereby undermining traditional notions concerning the relative significance or insignificance of the objects and spaces depicted.

At present a major topic are Icelandic landscapes – terrain the artist hiked through during numerous trekking tours. The drawings may appear naturalistic at first sight. On closer inspection they dissolve into complex structures of lines and empty spaces. The experience of landscape that informs these pictures might best be described in Roni Horn’s words: „In a literal sense, Iceland is not a very stable place. Iceland is always becoming what it will be, and what it will be is not a fixed thing either. So there is Iceland: an act, not an object, a verb, never a noun“.